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13 set, 2022

1. Long work days

Many companies concentrate their working hours between 10 and 12 hours a day in order to obtain better results. However, the fact that staff work harder does not mean that they are more productive. On the contrary, fatigue produces mental blocks that completely affect productivity. It is not about the amount of time that your staff spends, but the quality of their results. Manage time appropriately by implementing activities that help them eliminate fatigue, clear their minds and, at the same time, keep them interested in performing their jobs correctly.

2. Lack of job training

One of the main problems that reduces the productivity rate in companies is the lack of personnel training. If your employees are not up-to-date in the areas they exercise, in addition to interfering with their work motivation, the techniques they carry out to carry out their tasks will be obsolete. There are a large number of companies that are dedicated to creating development initiatives with the purpose of helping employees to be more effective in their activities, and at the same time that organizations can streamline their processes, such as learning management systems (LMS or Learning Management System). According to a study by the CedarCrestone, a company focused on future technologies, suggests that companies invest in human capital management software as they streamline work in areas such as personnel training, recruitment, development and communication. Today, 49% of large U.S. companies. They are doing it. Using HR technology to improve productivity generates other savings like manual printing, and employees can focus on strategic planning rather than administrative activities. On the other hand, more and more employees are using the mobile phone and several of the HR processes can be accessed from there, such as training, managing work activities, payroll issues, among many others.

3. Multitasking activities

Productivity is mistakenly compared to the ability to work on multiple activities at once. However, performing more than one task at the same time completely reduces the ability to concentrate, because when making changes, the brain is unable to focus on a certain topic, resulting in poor work. If you do not have enough staff , avoids excessive workloads. Prioritize activities using a system like Getting Things Done: based on the context, time available between activities and natural energy levels that occur during the day.

4. Short rest periods

In addition to excessive working hours, many companies limit rest periods, which are essential for people to reduce tension and control stress at work. rest proportional to working hours. And even, give them the opportunity to take a break time, not a maximum of 10 minutes, between each activity they do, in order to focus as much as possible and increase the productivity index.

5. Bad working conditions

The bases that support the productivity and operation of a company are created from the working conditions in which the personnel develop. The main ones are:

-The organizational climate. If there is tension between staff members, leaders do not pay attention to their requests and instead demand more than what is established, working collaboratively will be impossible, causing activities to be carried out inefficiently.

-The working tools. If the company does not offer the necessary material to optimize processes, production times and quality will hinder the achievement of the objectives.

-The spaces granted to carry out their activities. An employee who spends more than eight hours a day in a narrow cubicle, without ventilation and on uncomfortable furniture, will never meet the standards required by the company.

For the staff to improve the level of productivity, it is the duty of the company to provide the environment and resources necessary for the development of their tasks, which will not only favor the organization, but will also promote the professional growth of employees, motivation and commitment.If you want your company to give you better results, commit to your staff and offer them a unique work experience that favors their performance.