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The solution that will change the way you manage your teams: the Befective Virtual Point. Whether you are working in the office or remotely, our tool simplifies the check-in and checkout of work hours and offers a powerful active geolocation system.

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Benefits to elevate efficiency and control in team management.

  • Simplified Check-in and Checkout:forget complicated processes. With the Befective Virtual Point, your collaborators can easily record their working hours, no matter where they are working.

  • Onsite and Remote Management:eliminate barriers between onsite and remote teams. Our tool unifies team management, providing a seamless experience regardless of your collaborators' locations.

  • Active Geolocation: harness the power of geolocation to map your workforce. With real-time tracking, you will have a complete view of your team's distribution, facilitating data-driven decisions.

  • Detailed Activity Record:obtain detailed information about your team's activities. From time spent on specific tasks to workplace locations, the Virtual Point provides a comprehensive record for more informed management.

Transform Your Team Management Revolutionarily

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency:simplify the check-in and checkout processes, eliminating the need for manual records and optimizing time dedicated to team management.

  • Total Visibility: active geolocation provides a real-time view of your collaborators' locations, enabling strategic task and resource distribution.

  • Uncompromised Adaptability:whatever your work model, the Befective Virtual Point adapts to the needs of onsite and remote teams, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

How It Works

  • Access from Multiple Devices: whether from desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices, your collaborators can conveniently access the Befective Virtual Point.

  • Real-time Information:observe changes and updates in real-time. Information about your team's status is always at your fingertips.

Discover how the Befective Virtual Point can transform your way of managing teams. Simplify attendance administration, optimize task distribution, and gain a comprehensive view of your workforce's location. Click to join the revolution today and take your team management to new heights!

Your journey towards a culture of results begins now!