Transform the way you work and focus on activities that generate more results

Befective is designed to elevate your organizations performance and cultivate your teams development, whether in the office or at home. Adapt the work environment with a set of tools that allow you to optimize processes, identify areas for improvement and achieve new levels of operational success.
Transform the way you work regardless of your location.

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your company

Results based culture

Promote an environment of transparency by increasing your company’s productivity.

Best work practices

Detect best performance practices at work and replicate throughout your organization.

Reduce software license costs

Reduce the cost of multiple licenses by knowing the actual usage by work teams.


Increase focus and attention to work-related activities.

Achieve business objectives

Help your team achieve their goals with the objective management module based on the OKRs methodology.

Organization of spaces

Implement space management and organize the availability of days in the office without increasing the fixed cost of operating your company.

Virtual presence control

Obtain attendance control information regardless of each employees workplace. Being in the office does not represent productivity.

More control for your projects

Organize your business projects and work collaboratively anywhere.

Reduce fixed cost

Promote remote work and reduce fixed costs with workspaces, with the certainty of transparent productivity management.

Remote work culture

The productivity management suite enables reliable remote management. Be the preferred company in the search for new employees.

Automated activity tracking

Work activities are automatically collected, organized and classified in a modern dashboard.

Commitment to personal data protection

The privacy of people’s data is our priority.

Your privacy is important

We are governed by current legislation on the protection of personal data to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your information. All data collected is used exclusively for statistical productivity purposes and is stored with the highest security standards.

Transform data into concrete actions and take your team to top performance

We offer a powerful solution to accurately manage your employees' performance. Our platform provides key metrics that will allow you to continuously evaluate and improve individual and collective performance.

What our customers say

  • Befective provided us with strategic information so that we could understand the real efficiency of our teams. We were also able to reduce relevant costs in software licenses.

    Orlando Martinez
    Information Technology Director - Grupo URREA
  • Befective’s implementation process was very simple and the solution improved the real visibility of people’s efficiency, in addition to revealing the time invested by each person in their work routines. We were also able to set goals with employees, bringing managers closer to their teams.

    Sandro N. Demétrio
    Information Technology Director - FIESC
  • The result was as if I had hired more employees for each departments, as we significantly reduced overtime and productivity had a significant gain.

    Rafael Silva
    Ceo - Bokitos Brasil
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