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10 out, 2022

Home Office?

The idea of ​​doing tasks remotely and managing their own times is what employees most crave. The Home Office or teleworking, may be the best solution to increase productivity in companies in large cities.

How can we measure productivity and manage this remote work efficiently?
Platforms like Befective manage this environment easily and transparently, increasing employee productivity.

Is it as good as they say it is?

The results reflected based on 4.000 employees were extremely positive. 51% of workers increased their productivity, and obtained other favorable results in relation to mood.

You cannot improve what is not measurable

Today, we are in a constant process of digital transformation. From large companies to SMEs have reflected on remote work. The possibility of saving with structural expenses, increasing the quality of life for the professional or having a lower level of stress, are some of the most important points that make leaders and managers happy with this new way of working.