Solutions applicable to any industry, business model, workplace, or team size

Regardless of the sector of activity or the size of your business, Befective is a powerful tool as an ally of the new remote work management model.

  • Replicates good work practices.
  • Follow the progress of your goals in real time.
  • Return on investment in the first month of use.
  • Improve the culture of results of your company.
  • Reduce software license costs
  • Promote fair working hours
  • Performance and productivity
  • Prioritize work activities
  • Track your goals progress

Reduce costs with multiple licenses

Know the usage time of all resources and optimize license expenses based on what your company uses.

Promote fair work hours

With Befective you can foster a fair division of the workload based on the individual deliverable.

Performance and productivity

Elevate the results of your company and stay productive anywhere, providing a better quality of life for employees.


Organize and prioritize relevant activities to achieve your goals

Lead your team to focus on activities that matter and are related to meet your business goals.


Follow the progress of your business goals

Based on the OKRs objective management methodology, all strategic and tactical objectives are aligned with business metrics, related to the activities of all people, and supported by the performance vision of each team member. Keep your entire business aligned with your goals, whether you're in the office or at home-office.

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