Why do we do what we do?

We believe that encouraging transparency generates trust, motivates greater freedom and naturally encourages people to build a virtuous circle of results-oriented culture and better quality of life.

How we do?

With a work culture focused on the client, our team brings together the best results-oriented culture practices with the best technology available to transform our clients' challenges into solutions for more productivity.

What is Befective?

Befective is a set of solutions created to help people meet their goals and improve productivity in face-to-face, hybrid or 100% remote work cultures.

We recognize that the achievement of our purpose is generated through brilliant people doing extraordinary work.

We are oriented to transform the problems and needs of people management and culture of results into technological solutions that add value to the day-to-day challenges of our clients.

We believe that by helping companies improve their efficiency, you will increase their productivity, thus generating greater results and more profitability.

A more profitable company can obtain more resources and thus can provide a better quality of life for its members. This virtuous circle is the reason for our existence!

Our purpose

Unleash the productivity potential of people.

Our way of doing things

The customer is always at the center of everything we do.

What do we want to impact?

We want to promote a more humane professional relationship model, based on trust, high performance and a culture of results.

The 6 values that sustain our culture

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Customer focus
  • Results
  • Execution
  • Satisfaction

At Befective, behavior is based on respect for people and appreciation for cooperation and teamwork!

We believe that to be a good professional it is necessary to be a good human being, for this reason, our culture is based on solid values and principles, promoting comprehensive growth.

If you identify with our philosophy and would like to live this experience, join our team!

Let’s build something great together!