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13 out, 2022

CyberPower is a global company, headquartered in Mexico, specializing in power engineering and protection and computer accessories. With its products and services, the company helps millions of customers keep their equipment safe, preventing damage caused by external factors, such as power surges or outages.


CyberPower has a vision of 30% growth for the next few years. To achieve this goal, in addition to continuing to improve products and services, the company understood that it was necessary to invest in team productivity. With activities that required a lot of time and generated little strategic result for the company, CyberPower needed a solution that could identify productivity bottlenecks and help to optimize activities to make them more aligned with the growth objective.


CyberPower found in Beeffective, a solution developed for companies and employees that allows them to manage and analyze working time in an intelligent way, increasing productivity and efficiency on a daily basis. Befective is a SaaS solution that tracks the online and offline activities carried out by employees in an automated way. With this data, the solution generates personalized reports on the time dedicated to each activity, allowing to identify bottlenecks and optimize tasks to make the routine more productive and directed to the company’s purpose. In addition to the benefits offered by the tool, the choice of Beeffective was also due to the support and attention that the company’s team offered to CyberPower.


As a SaaS platform, Beeffective ensured that CyberPower was able to deploy quickly and easily. With that, and with the fact that the platform is quite intuitive, the results were practically immediate. On the first day of use, employees were able to identify activities that could be optimized to make their work more productive.


  • Quick and easy deployment with SaaS system;
  • Identification of activities that were taking too much time and not bringing strategic results;
  • Increased team productivity, optimizing tasks and facilitating the delivery of results;
  • Self-management of employees, who are able to understand exactly where they are investing their time and correct possible deviations from the route.


“Our objective is to grow by offering the best service and the best products to our customers and having a highly productive team is essential for this. With Befective, we found the key to identifying how we can optimize work and make routines more productive. Currently, all our employees are using the tool and they see Befective as something essential to measure their productivity and make their deliveries even more aligned with our strategic objectives.” — Eloy Montalvo, Commercial Manager at CyberPower