Befective follows activities and goals, providing greater performance and productivity for your team

Automatic gathering of work activities

Follow up online activities

Follow up offline activities

Follow up software and internet usage

Licenses cost management

Start time and end time of the workday

Employee mood check-up

Overview of the most and least important activities

Linked to goals management based on OKRs

Performance management and results based culture

Intuitive charts and automated reports

100% personal data management compliance

Modern dashboards for a better result

Activities are automatically collected, organized and categorized in dynamic and intuitive graphs and reports.

Everybody aligned with the company’s goals

Discover the most important activities, eliminate rework and replicate good practices within your organization.

Strengthen your employees’ performance because they strengthen your company’s performance

Befective is a powerful tool as an ally in the new remote work management model. Detect top performers and boost the potential of your teams.

How the data collection works?

Befective automatically collects data from the activities. Even if you have multiple apps or pages open, only the one being used is collected. We are fully committed to the privacy of your data, so only usability and performance statistical data are collected.

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Goals Management arrow_right_alt

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Peter Drucker

Define your goals, track execution in real time on an integrated platform

With Befective’s Goal Management, you’ll be able to define your company’s strategic and tactical goals, analyze the progress of those goals and continue follow each team member’s contribution to the goals. All this in a single platform designed to stimulate a culture of results.
  • Create goals, set metrics and follow the activities of your entire team;
  • Set priorities and delivery dates;
  • Activity management integrated with your entire team;
  • Objective management based on the OKRs methodology.
Start measuring your company’s performance today!